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nurse calling systems


KAREL, offers products that conduct the communications of hospitals, healthcare institutions and nurseries, activate their control services and increase their efficiency.


Analog Nurse Call System

This Analog based system includes attendant warning console (dot matrix LED-based), attendant call reporting, warning/notification software, room control unit, lamp control unit (optional), bed set call reset, patient hand set and WC emergency call button with a cord and over-door warning lamp.
 Calls made from any point of the systems are simultaneously are shown visually and in audio form both on the attendant call console and on the computer where the simulator software is installed.


Analog Nurse Call System Products
Room Control Unit
Lamp Control Unit
Nurse Call Panel
Analog Bed Set Unit
Analog WC Call Unit
Analog Overdoor Corridor Lamp
Analog Patient Hand Set


IP Nurse Call Systems

This is the IP based system of the product family. It includes 18.5″ LCD attendant alert terminal, 4.3″ touch screen room control unit, lamp control unit (optional), bed set call reset, patient hand set, WC emergency button with cord, overdoor alert lamp and call server (ZKRUS).
  It can notify the LCD attendant alert panel and one or more alert terminals defined in the system simultaneously (pager devices, DECT phones, fixed phones, hospital announcement system notifications) when a call is made from any point of the system.
  System has a flexible structure since it is IP based, which allows different scenarios on the platform.
 Events that occur on the system are stored on the server and can be reported. The PIMS (Patient Information Management System) software of the system can be integrated optionally. If they are integrated, the ID and critical patient information of the caller can be shared with the attendant.

IP Nurse Call Systems Products
Bed Set Unit
Patient Hand Set
WC Call Unit
Overdoor Corridor Lamp
Versatile Room Control Unit
Versatile Nurse Call Panel
Versatile Nurse Call Consult
ZKRUS Nurse Call Hospital Server
Pager Device
Wireless Call Transmitter